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Help & Advice

Speak to our friendly team on 01387 702251 or email support@bibdsl.co.uk

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Single Source Logo
  • SingleSource created for libraries

  • comprehensive, flexible, fast, creative, reliable search, research, purchase, catalogue

  • industry-standard information-rich data for books, films, music, video games

  • designed for librarians, cataloguers, researchers, students, the general public 

  • including sound clips, film trailers and images, supplier-specific stockholding information, extensive price and availability data

  • and enhanced BIC subject searching, advanced Boolean searching, Dewey range searching 

    SingleSource revolutionises the library catalogue 

    SingleSource provides the librarian and library user with information on 8 million books
    and audio visual titles

    SingleSource enables users to create and share reading lists, refer to book reviews and
    track down the books they want to read

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    Telephone Charles Quain on 01 2865855 or csq@interleaf.ie

    Interleaf Technology – Innovation in Library Services